发布于:2021-10-13 09:27:22

  The future of written English will owe more to Hollywood films than Dickens or Shakespeare, if the findings of a study into childrens writing are anything to go by.


  The analysis of 74,000 short stories found that their written work was littered with Americanisms, exclamation marks and references to celebrities.



  Researchers who looked at the entries to a national competition found they were increasingly using American words such as garbage, trash can, sidewalk, candy, sneakers, soda, cranky and flashlight.

  研究人员阅读了全国作文比赛的参赛作品后发现,,孩子们正越来越多地使用一些美式英语词汇,比如:garbage(垃圾), trash can(垃圾桶), sidewalk(人行道), candy(糖果), sneakers(胶底运动鞋), soda(苏打水), cranky(暴躁的) and flashlight(手电筒)。

  The stories, written by pupils aged seven to 13, show how fairy cakes are referred to as cupcakes and a dinner jacket has become a tuxedo. Smart is now often used for clever and cranky for irritable.

  这些短篇作文出自7-13岁孩子们之手,小学生们用纸杯蛋糕(cupcakes)来代替仙女蛋糕(fairy cakes),晚礼服(dinner jacket)则变成了无尾礼服(tuxedo)。常用美式英语还有smart现在也替代了英式用词clever来表示聪明之意,而表达暴躁古怪之意的cranky也取代了irritable。

  Celebrity culture also has a powerful influence on childrens work, with Simon Cowell and Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi among the famous names cropping up repeatedly.


  But pupils are let down by basic spelling, punctuation and grammar, according to the study by Oxford University Press, which looked at the entries to BBC Radio 2s 500 Words competition.


  Children stumbled over simple spellings such as does and clothes and struggled to use the past tense correctly, often saying rised instead of rose or thinked instead of thought.


  Researchers also found that punctuation was underused, especially semi-colons and speech marks. Some did not know how to use capital letters.


  However, exclamation marks were overused. Researchers found 35,171 examples in total, with some young writers using five at a time. The study of more than 31million words will be compared with future research to see how written language evolves.


  Popular US fiction such as the Twilight vampire novels and films is thought to be fuelling the increasing use of American vocabulary and spelling.


  Modern technology was also influential. Out of almost 300 references to blackberry, nearly half referred to mobile phones. But the researchers found a wealth of imaginative and inventive ideas.


  Fears that texting was corrupting childrens written work were unfounded, they said, with youngsters only using text speak when they were referring to a text message.


  Samantha Armstrong, of the OUP childrens dictionaries division, said: Perhaps we are catching a glimpse of the language of the future.


  Chris Evans, whose radio show runs the competition, said the results were fascinating, adding: Whod have thought that Messi and Jeremy Clarkson would be some of the most used celebrity names?